Garmin 110 or 210

What is the difference between Garmin Forerunner 110 vs 210? The Forerunner 210 offers new features such as foot pod support (some versions), additional data fields and intervals.

If you picked up the bundled package of Garmin 210 then you’ll find the tiny coin-sized foot pod. It’s useful for running indoors on treadmills.

A foot pod is critical to gathering distance data in cases where you don’t physically move anywhere: such as a treadmill or anywhere else indoors. Because the watch normally depends on GPS satellites for distance, without such a foot pod you’d be unable to gather distance data indoors or in areas without GPS coverage (such as long tunnels). Depending on which bundle you purchase, your Forerunner 210 may come with a foot pod.

Another key feature added to the FR210 that the FR110 doesn’t have is the capability to build and execute intervals. Now, this feature is different than the full capabilities of ‘Workouts’ that you can build in Garmin Training Center. Instead, it offers a more simplistic view on intervals.

Using the interval functions you have the following options – all specified in either time or distance:
1) Warm-up Length
2) Interval Length
3) Rest Length
4) Number of intervals to complete
5) Cool-down length

In summary the the difference between Garmin 210 110 are as follows:

Forerunner 110 Forerunner 210
Foot podnoyes
Interval training (set up exercise and rest intervals)noyes

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